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Extreme Racing Shox

Our enduro fork got bigger! A few of steps more than its younger sister Era V2.1, which has a travel of 130 to 170 millimeters. On the ERA V2 Long Travel we have 10 or 20 mm more. Like the Era V2.1, the travel of the fork can be managed by adding or removing spacers inside the air spring system. The stiffer construction of the lower structure makes the ERA V2 Long Travel fork particularly suitable for an e-bikes use.
The ERA V2.1 fork uses our HS3, hybrid air spring. Two positive air chambers work with one, high volume self activating negative air chamber. Combined with a high-volume damper cartridge this system offers incredible tuning capability and sets a new level for support in a suspension fork. The Era V2.1 introduces features and upgrades that aims to improve the experience, safety and performance of the previous production. At its core the Era V2.1 has the same configuration that made Era famous and appreciated: HS3 system, creak free crown, great mid stroke support, excellent stiffness and performance. The Era fork has a magnesium lower design that makes them lighter and load-optimized and it’s made possible by a specific production process called Thixomolding. Other improvements are addressed to increase sensitivity, smoothness, lubrication and safety like the improved end-stroke devices for the HS3 system, the top up bump rubber and titanium plate that reduces noise on ++ chamber or the new DU design that grants better lubrication. HS3 is focused on mid-stroke support around the dynamic sag position while offering amazing sensitivity and bottom out protection. The air spring is complemented by an integrated coil spring to create a frictionless sliding movement and a highly responsive fork giving the best grip to the front tyre. We looked at everything that needed a low friction solution to improve smoothness and sensitivity, that took us to our motorsport heritage: developed in the World Rally Championship, our new DU bushing material used in the magnesium Lower are sized to a defined tolerances for each fork assembly and works in harmony with our dedicated EXT oil, and guarantees zero stiction and super low friction properties even when combined with high side loads. ERA V2.1 adopts an innovative Floating internal shaft guide in the damper cartridge uses a Superfinish shaft taking friction to the lowest possible level. EXT high-volume cartridge uses a high flow piston to generate control for your bike. The ERA V2 .1 is a performance upgrade for your bike and your riding. Like all EXT products, the ERA V2.1 offers a fully tunable fork with a useable damping range for each rider and riding style. AVAILABLE STROKES – 130 mm – 140 mm – 150 mm – 160 mm – 170 mm AVAILABLE WHEEL SIZE/OFFSET – 29 inch – Offset: 44 mm
EXT has taken the concept of twin positive air from their Era fork and applied it to their new Aria shock, creating a huge range of spring curve adjustments without the need to mess with volume spacers. The Aria hydraulic system is based on the EXT E-Storia, featuring the same high-speed and low-speed compression and rebound circuits, firm lockout system, and adjustable hydraulic bottom-out controls. This combination of features makes the Aria one of the best available in air damping technology, offering improved performance and versatility. Note: *Not currently compatible with Santa Cruz Nomad, Megatower and all Santa Cruz frames with lesser travel*
The e-Storia features much of the same technology of the Storia V3 but in a more robust package built specifically for the stresses involved with the higher vehicle weight of e-bikes and tailored to provide ultimate control for every type of rider, from the enthusiast to those competing at the elite level of e-bike enduro riding. While the Storia V3 is built for best-in-class weight and performance, the e-Storia is designed with an emphasis on toughness to drastically improve reliability over dampers without dedicated e-bike construction. The stronger shock design can help increase the lifespan of bike chassis components as well, and increase range of tune-ability accommodating a wider range of bikes and riders. An industry “first” and an ultra-high performance suspension; it’s specifically designed for aggressive e-bike riding, super comfort level for professional riders and more in general for all the enthusiasts.
As the previous STORIA model, V3 offers the revolutionary LOK Technology that allows a complete compression separate lock-out system, now totally renewed with a new design, a more progressive opening, and a totally silent working. In order to allow every rider to use a softer spring rate and increase bike traction and handling, EXT engineers have imported from ARMA the hydralic bottom out system named HBC (Hydraulic Bottom-out Control), capable to develop more than 50% of hydraulic force only on the last part of the stroke, allowing riders to avoid any kind of bottom-out issues. This technology allows the use of thinner bottom-out bumpers, increasing the amount of useful travel. STORIA V3 is designed to serve those customers who want maximum performance of a pedal-platform equipped shock, with a great support on the last millimeters of bike rear travel, with the great performance of a coilover shock.
The new Superlight V2 Springs are developed using exotic materials mainly used in motorsports applications. This material features a very high tensile strength and modulus that coupled with a very dedicate design and specific production processes allows the new generation of Superlight springs to weigh up to 30% less compared to the previous Superlight and other “normal” steel springs (weigh reduction percentage depends on spring stiffness and travel values). New features are: The feature of higher % of vanadium results in a very high dynamic possible stress Long life span (automotive standards of over 500.000 cycles) Reduction of weight compared to the same spring made from “normal” spring steel (up to 30% of reduction, depending on spring characteristics) EXT Superlight V2 Springs are carefully calculated to the minimum length for the stroke required, this means that your spring will totally cover the shock stroke, but will also have a lighter weight. EXT Springs are developed for a long time use, thanks to improved mechanical characteristics and its material directly derived from motorsport. We offer a rate increase by 25lb to fine tune your bike. EXT Superlight V2 Springs do not need any preload (maximum 2mm preload) allowing you the best coil shock feeling. The use of springs with K over 600 require dedicated spring hardware/adapter, ask your local EXT dealer for more information.
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