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At Essential Cycles, we believe that the joy of cycling is rooted in the community we build, and we're proud to introduce our team of experienced and dedicated cycling enthusiasts who work tirelessly to provide exceptional service to our customers

At Essential Cycles, we transcend the conventional boundaries of a bike shop – we are your dedicated hub for all things cycling on the North Shore. Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of this region, we are more than just enthusiasts; we are dedicated artisans of the cycling experience, committed to elevating your biking adventures to unparalleled heights.


Expert Bicycle Service and Repairs: At Essential Cycles, our technicians are dedicated professionals committed to the integrity of your bike. Meticulous in their approach, they maintain your mountain bike to excel on North Shore trails and fine-tune your road bike for smooth rides. Our expertise ensures your bike performs optimally, transforming ordinary rides into exceptional experiences..

Custom Builds and Wheel Sets: Discover the thrill of riding a bike as unique as you are. Our custom builds are tailored to your preferences, capturing the essence of your cycling spirit. Craftsmanship meets innovation, resulting in bikes and precision-engineered wheel sets that echo your individuality.

Mountain Bike Rentals: Our rental bikes are meticulously maintained for reliability on every trail. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned rider, our high-quality bikes are designed for exploration. Discover the North Shore's scenic trails at your own pace, immersing yourself in the natural beauty that surrounds you. Our bikes are not just rentals; they're your reliable companions, facilitating unforgettable adventures on the trails.

Coaching and Guiding: Elevate your skills with our professional coaching and guiding sessions, where mastery meets mentorship. Whether you're a novice exploring the world of mountain biking or an expert seeking refinement, our experienced instructors are here to guide you. Together, we master the art of mountain biking, one pedal at a time.

Winter Mountain Maintenance Clinics: Gear up for the winter season with our immersive maintenance clinics. Delve into the heart of bike care, learning the best practices to keep your trusted companion performing optimally in all conditions. Our hands-on approach ensures you conquer any terrain, regardless of the weather.


Authorized Retailer: We take pride in being authorized retailers of Marin, Commencal, and We Are One Composite bikes. Our curated selection ensures you have access to top-tier brands, each ride promising an unparalleled experience.

Full Suspension Servicing: In partnership with Suspension Werx and Fluid Function, we deliver comprehensive full suspension servicing. Entrust us with your bike, and we guarantee its peak performance on any terrain. Your bike becomes an extension of your adventure, navigating challenging landscapes with ease.

Custom Wheel Builds: Elevate your ride with our specialized custom wheel builds, a fusion of artistry and engineering. With over 20 years of expertise, we craft durable wheels using top-notch brands such as We Are One Composites, Nobl Wheels, DT Swiss, Onyx, and Industry Nine. Each revolution is a testament to our commitment to perfection.

At Essential Cycles, our passion is the driving force behind our commitment to delivering exceptional service and high-quality products. Whether you're a devoted mountain biking enthusiast or a casual rider seeking the thrill of the trail, we invite you to join us on the North Shore's awe-inspiring trails – because your cycling adventure begins and thrives here. Welcome to a world where every ride is a masterpiece and every cyclist is a cherished member of our vibrant community.


Get to know the faces behind Essential Cycles

At Essential Cycles, we are passionate about mountain biking and want to share our knowledge with everyone. We offer bike rentals, bike repairs and bike education opportunities, providing our customers with an unbeatable bike shop experience. Our in-store mechanics classes cover everything from the basics to a full bike overhaul - all taught by experienced professionals. Plus, our professional coaches are here to help you improve your bike riding skills!

Jaclyn Delacroix

Meet Jaclyn, one of the most exceptional mountain bike coaches in British Columbia. With over a decade of coaching experience and previously being an internationally certified personal trainer, Jaclyn is at the top level of coaching, with a unique ability to help riders improve their skills and overcome mental barriers.

Jaclyn's dedication to promoting and inspiring women within the mountain biking communities all over British Columbia is truly inspiring. Her coaching philosophy centers on empowering riders of all levels, and helping them achieve their full potential on the trails. With Jaclyn as your coach, you'll not only improve your skills and confidence on the bike, but you'll also be part of a community of riders that is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the sport.

 In addition to her coaching expertise, Jaclyn also brings a wealth of bike mechanic knowledge to the table, having worked on bikes for around a decade with mentoring from #niceguygeoff and Andrew. If you're looking for a coach who is passionate, dedicated, and experienced in all aspects of mountain biking, then Jaclyn is the coach for you.   So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and take the first step towards becoming the best rider you can be.

Geoff MacDonald

Affectionately known as ‘niceguy’ within the Vancouver cycling community, Geoff was born in Tofino, BC but calls East-Van home. A self-professed bike-nerd and daily rider, Geoff has a deep love and appreciation for the literal and philosophical utilitarian beauty of all things bicycle.

Geoff’s wandering path through life has seen him make his way as a musician, bike-courier, cowboy, swing-dancer, high-rise window cleaner & scuba-diver… but throughout it all - and above all else - he considers himself a bike-mechanic. With two decades of international experience ranging from community bike-kitchens to UCI race support, he has personal experience riding and repairing: mountain bikes & road bikes, gravel bikes & touring bikes, commuters & cruisers, fixies & bmx’s, tall bikes & tandems, fat bikes, freak bikes, polo bikes and kids bikes. With a thorough attention for detail and an honesty-first approach to repairs, you can rest assured he has the experience needed to give your bike the love it deserves. As an instructor, he loves to share knowledge and help others understand the methods behind the mechanics.

niceguy also is a multi-instrumentalist and loves to wax-ecstatic about music, he makes his own clothes, obsesses over chess, and studies the cognitive psychology behind prestidigitation & legerdemain. He is willing to admit the wheels can be greased with baked goods, coffee, bubbly, beer, wine or deli-meats…

Sierra Sullivan

Sierra was born and raised around the forests of western Canada where she developed a love for trails, mountains, streams, and rivers. Moving to Vancouver in 2017 to pursue a PhD in fisheries was motivated by the excellent educational and, of course, the mountain bike opportunities that the area offered. 

With a background as an alpine ski coach and a dance instructor, expanding her coaching skills to mountain biking was a natural progression after taking up the sport. She has instructed and guided for WORCA, Shred Sisters, and many other organizations across BC as a PMBIA Level 1 certified coach since 2016. In addition to coaching, she races enduro, builds trails, and explores backcountry regions across western Canada and the US.

Sierra’s passion lies in promoting female involvement in mountain sports through structured approaches to skill development and mental progression. She mentors for the Mountain Mentors ski touring program, guides for Muddbunnies Cycling Club, and is excited to share her enthusiasm for teaching and bad puns with Ozmosis Training clients.

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