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Since every Convergence & Revolution rim is hand laid in Kamloops, BC, we confidently stand behind our products and offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner, plus a crash replacement policy that ensures all of our supporters are looked after. We love seeing our products in the wild and want to ensure that there is no hesitation once you have committed to becoming a part of the family.

We Are One Convergence Rims

Simply put, this is our best rim to date. Following our principle of delivering unrivaled quality that is backed by actual data, there are no false claims or made-up numbers. Our target was straightforward - design a shape that had beauty and function , with a 30% minimum increase in impact strength, and provide the best ride feel we have ever delivered to the rider. After two years, countless hours and permutations, we could not be more proud of what we have built right here in Kamloops, British Columbia.



Taking our time and diving deep into testing, we came up with the perfect balance of weight, strength and ride feel. Drawing on all of our data from Union 29 and Union 27.5 rims, we built a new test protocol and focused on single-wall impact failures. We introduced a new ZRT material from Boston Materials and placed it in critical areas. We completely redesigned the layup of each rim from the ground up, changing all possible orientations, angles, and processes.

The result is a 29 and 27.5 rim with 32% improved impact strength over our Union rims.


Traditionally, the interface of where the nipple sits in the rim has never been ideal. The Convergence's external shape drives the internal profile. With 7.5° alternating faces, when drilled, it gives the nipple the perfect perpendicular angle with no point loading. This feature improves fatigue on the nipples and spokes, providing unrivaled durability and prolonged service intervals.


The Convergence rim is an evolution of shape that radically changes how the spoke and rim interact.


Using the Revolution line of rims as a benchmark, we aimed to improve an already fantastic ride experience. By reducing the depth of the rims to 18.5mm and working on both laminate orientations and materials, we isolated the cause of both the radial and lateral levers of the rim design. The Convergence gives the rider a data-backed increase in lateral stiffness and a wheelset that dampens the rough chatter of the trail. The Convergence line of rims offers the best ride experience to date.


The best of everything, in one rim.

We Are One Revolution Rims

The Revolution line of rims has been in development since June of 2018. The basis of the whole program was to round out a complete rim offering, while implementing all that we learned about THE MOVEMENT line of rims.

we are one rims.jpg


We've said it before and we will say it again, not all carbon rims are made the same way. We developed an entirely new moulding process that improves our layup process and accuracy. The Revolution mould process allows for even more precise fibre placement and extension than our previous designs. Each rim is handlaid right here in Kamloops, BC!

The Revolution rim shape allowed us to reduce radial stiffness and utilize less fibre while increasing impact strength. The shape, combined with the layup, offers a more homogenous system and provides more support to each component of the rim than ever before.

We are excited to present you our Revolution line up!


Here at We Are One, we are the first manufacturer to bring transparency to the process and products. Our unmatched quality and precise tolerances allow us to make the best carbon rims on the market. Period.

Hand-laying each rim in Kamloops, BC allows us to have a unique layup process developed in-house. This makes for precise fibre placement, giving no fibre drift or bridging during layup. This process ensures that all our fibre strands are under correct elongation and are carrying the loads they should. All of our rims are perfect out of the mold. We do not sand, fill, paint, or doctor any of our products.

Each rim is assigned a unique serial number that is tracked and assembled by one of our layup staff. Our team takes great care and pride with producing the best rims possible.


All stock wheelset comes with Sapim Race spokes. The colour of the spokes and nipples is BLACK.


All Wheelsets come tubeless ready with Stan's No Tube Tape & Valves


Want something a little more custom? Please add your request in the NOTES field or fill in our Custom Wheel Build Form and we'll be in touch.


Our current build time for all in-stock components is 2 - 5 days. We carry a large selection of hubs/rims/spokes, however, some custom colours and configurations may only be available on backorder.


Inventory Note: We stay well stocked on Triad rims & Black Hubs but often have to order in a Fuse or Sector Rim or custom hub colour.


Please be aware that lead times may vary between components. We advise contacting or completing our custom wheel build form if you would like to confirm ETA before purchasing; our Build Pages do not reflect real-time inventory levels!

Convergence Rims Press Release: HERE
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