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Photos: Carolyn Kavanagh and Heather McCoOkie.

For the second year in a row almost 60 ladies of all ages and ability levels descended on Silverstar Mountain to participate in the ladies only weekend. The weekend is set up as a day of coaching where the ladies are divided into small groups and work with their coach followed by a day of freeriding. We also have a group dinner on Saturday evening where everyone can decompress from the day and play some entertaining games for the chance to win some sweet swag.

Saturday morning group meeting, This is where the ladies get to meet the coaches and are then divided into groups based on not just their skills but what they wanted to get out of the weekend.

I am always so stoked that we get to bring together some of the best coaches from across BC (and yes I am totally biased).

Linnette teaching the beginners about correct cockpit setup before jumping into her pre-trails, skill session

Kim working with her ladies to improve their cornering technique.

Myself teaching wall rides, the walls got more vertical as the day progressed.

All smiles all weekend, everywhere you looked there were ladies with huge grins on their faces!

Natasha from Kootney Mountain Biking also working on cornering, if you are in the Kootneys and need a coach / guide look her up.

My group also worked on drops, again I know I'm biased but my group killed it!

After the learning was done on Saturday we headed to the Red Antler for dinner and shenanigans.

Mini bike races around the pub! This was ridiculously good fun and a great way to give away some of the great swag from our awesome sponsors.

Participants could tag in their coach to race on their behalf, Aussie vs Kiwi, Nah we aren't competitive at all.

Cheers to what was another awesome, amazing and successful ladies only weekend at Silverstar Bike Park

and that's a wrap! See you all next year! Extra shout out to all our Sponsors, Thank you for all your support Ozmosis Training | Liv Cycling Canada | Ryders Eyewear | Race Face Performance Products | Investors Group | MTB4Her

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