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We Are One Convergence - FUSE [Rim Only]

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Product Details

29ER ONLY | 33mm WIDE

ERD 604mm

TIRES The tires we recommend are a range from 2.5" - 2.6"

WEIGHT 523g for the 29er

The Convergence lineup is created with a pick your preference in mind. Offering internal widths of 28mm (Sector), 30mm (Triad), and 33mm (Fuse).

CONVERGENCE 3 Pillars Of Design

Inventory Note: We generally have Triad rims in stock and ready to go but often have to order in a Fuse or Sector option.

Wheelbuild and Articulation
A major refinement that the Convergence lineup brings to the market is the improved interface between the rim and the spoke nipple. The nipple bed shape was completely redesigned to make the local surface perpendicular to the nipple itself. This gives you the absolute best-case interface between the rim and the nipple, as the entirety of the nipple loads the spoke hole versus just a single point. Improving the nipple articulation means that the rim rides significantly quieter and improves grip through rough sections of the trail. Because the spokes and nipples are less constrained, they can move and allow the rim to deform to match the trail.

Impact Strength
With an increased impact strength of 31% and only a 2% increase in weight compared to our Union 29 rim, the Convergence is the best rim we have ever made. Taking our time diving deep into testing over 24 iterations, we came up with the perfect balance; a combination of weight, strength and ride feel. The addition of cutting-edge carbon materials to our tried-and-true carbon fibre was the undeniable best option to improve strength and allowed us to cut out weight where it wasn’t needed. The use of new ZRT material in critical areas that take the most impact means you can ride harder and faster with more confidence than ever before.

Radial Flex
Our current Revolution line is well regarded for its balance of lateral and radial stiffness. With the Convergence, we aimed to dial in our rim stiffness even further. Starting with the design, we dropped the overall depth of the rim to 18.5mm, which is our shallowest rim to date. Shallower rims are inherently less stiff than their taller counterparts. We then took this further in the laminate itself, by adjusting the layers of carbon fibre to create a rim that is 18% less stiff radially than the Union 29 (with the Triad, specifically), while gaining a 5.92% increase in lateral stiffness. This will give riders a rim that rides even smoother over the trail while providing even more of that rocket ship feeling out of corners.

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