Learn how to work on your own bike.

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Bicycle Mechanics Essentials

During this seminar we will walk you through a basic - yet thorough - tune-up of your bike, introducing you to the function, installation and repair of all major mechanical systems. This is a great course for anyone looking to start their journey into bike mechanics, as well as for those looking to expand upon knowledge they already have. All participants are encouraged to bring and work on their own bikes (we can provide a bike if needed!) Consequently, topics covered may vary as each offering will be tailored to the specific interests and components of attendees. We will introduce you to the function of: wheels, derailleurs, brakes, drivetrains, bearings, and suspension. As with all courses, we hope to teach you the reasoning behind the methods allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the "why" rather than just the "how." 

Suspension Essentials

This course is designed to introduce you to the basic function, set-up and maintenance of your bike's suspension. We will focus primarily on fork lowers service, including fork removal, installation and tuning. Other topics covered (as time allows) will include linkage assessment, suspension set-up and tuning, and a demonstration of a shock air-can service. As participants are encouraged to bring their own bikes (we can provide a bike if needed!) we hope to teach you the reasoning behind the methods, giving you the confidence to apply what you've learned to real world applications.

Gear and Brake Deep-dive

This offering will dive deeper into the function, installation, diagnostics, and repair of derailleurs and brakes. We will introduce you to brake bleeds - including removal and installation, and walk you through derailleur tuning and diagnostics, as well as touching on drivetrain removal & installation. This course is intended to dive deeper into the concepts introduced in our "Bike Mechanic Essentials," so some previous mechanical experience and understanding is recommended - but not necessary. As with all courses we offer, participants are encouraged to bring their own bikes, and the content will be tailored to attendees interests and components.




3 Hours


Our open workshop offering is just that - an open invitation to use our workshop. Think of it as a community bike kitchen, but in a pro-shop - and under the watchful eyes of a master mechanic. This is a great opportunity for those who want to undertake a specific project on their bike and have some knowledge but no tools; those who have specific interests they would like to learn more about; or those just looking to dip their toes in the water and get their hands dirty for the first time. We're happy to help you through just about any project! 


*Due to time, space, complexity and tooling limitations, at the instructor's discretion, some projects may be beyond the scope of "Open Workshop. please enquire for specifics.  


$30 per hour


2 - 4 hours


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