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June 30, 2018

Currently one of my favorite trails on Seymour is Boogieman,  here's why

June 26, 2018

Originally published in issue 16 of Mountain Bike for Her.

They say in life two things are certain… death and taxes, and in mountain biking we can add a third certainty: injury.   Now when I use this word I am referring to anything that keeps you off your bike, whether...

April 3, 2018

New Year, new JacVentures, this time we head to Vancouver Island for our 8th Annual Easter trip, and let's not forget our race team training, heading back to Eagle after a couple year hiatis 

March 16, 2018

The things you find on an old drive!  From Whistler (WORCA) Green Monster, Gargamel, ESP, Billy's epic, Working Class, AC DC to the North Shore (NSMBA) Executioner, Severed D and a little Squamish (SORCA) Penthouse Slabs, Chossy Slabs for good measure!

This mo...

February 22, 2018

The things you find on an old drive! Great memories of when a friend from Nelson BC came to visit and we showed his some of the goods the Shore has to offer!

October 31, 2017

More summer adventures in Whistler, my third year working for the Whistler Offroad Cycling Association (WORCA) youth camp.  Three years of watching these kids advance has been incredible!  Also got to do some trail work, both in Whistler with the youth and WORCA and i...

July 22, 2017

Whistler Offroad Cycling Association's youth programs is one of the longest running and highly regarded youth programs in the Sea to Sky corridor.  I've had the privilege of working for WORCA since 2015.   This year I got a special request from one of my group...