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At Essential Cycles we have been fortunate enough to partner with some of the big names in the biking industry to ensure that your premium North Shore mountain bike rental. Our premium mountain bike rental fleet is made up of high end Giant & Liv Bikes, while we keep your head safe with our collection of Bell Bicycle Helmets.   Want to try something a little fancier when it comes to your wheels? Then take out a set of our We Are One Composite carbon fiber wheel sets built right here in British Columbia.  Lastly, If you need a guide or want to take a lesson then head on over to Ozmosis Training and our sister company will look after you


At Essential Cycles we have a small but amazing team who are dedicated to making sure that you are always having the best time on your bike.  From visitors to the Shore looking for a temporary bike to call theirs and explore our world class trails to the local who needs a professional shop to service their machine, meet the people who are here to make your experience the best it can be!

Jaclyn Delacroix

Born and raised in the hardy Australian outback Jaclyn moved to Vancouver in 2007 where she quickly found her passion for mountain biking on the steep trails of the North Shore mountains. In 2013 she left her primary career as an accountant to  follow her passion and become a full-time mountain bike coach for her company Ozmosis Training. Since then, Jaclyn has competed at the Pro/Elite level for many years, has coached an all women’s mountain bike team for 6 years.


Jaclyn has a strong passion for promoting and inspiring women within the mountain biking communities all over British Columbia. She regularly teaches clinics throughout BC for all riders - beginner to advanced.  She currently spear heads of one of the largest Ladies Only coaching events in British Columbia and frequently volunteers as a ride leader for the Muddbunnies riding club. In addition, Jaclyn is a key organizer and host for the Vancouver Bell Joy Rides.  In her spare time, Jaclyn energetically is involved in trail building and mountain bike advocacy within the lower mainland. She was previously a TAP trail builder for the NSMBA and currently independently maintains the trail Executioner on Mt Fromme. 


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Jessica Brousseau

Born in Quebec, Jessica enjoyed cycling at a very young age, despite the long cold winters. 

She then moved to Vancouver in 2000, and cycled all year round. Along the way she was picked up by bike shops and from there she became a mechanic. Her strong asset is wheel building, among many other skills. 

You will see her on her locally handmade sport touring bike ripping around town, or in the mountains with a full suspension bike. 

She also started to teach others to become mechanics or add to their skills. 

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The team at Essential Cycles believes in giving back to the sport and the community that we are passionate about, below are the ways we contribute to the North Shore and the mountain bike community. 


Jaclyn has been doing trail maintenance almost as long as she has been mountain biking on the Shore, so it's the number one way the team at Essential Cycles likes to give back.  We currently work on both Executioner Trail and Upper/Lower Crippler Trail on Mount Fromme, putting in over 100 hours a year independently and leading trail days for the Muddbunnies Riding Club.

Jaclyn has also worked on a number of other trails across the Shore as both an North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) Trail Adoption Program (TAP) builder and independently including: Kirkford, the original Bobsled, Griffen trails on Mt Fromme and Pangor, Slash, C-Buster, Dale's, Richard Juryn and Ridge Runner on Mt Seymour. 


Jaclyn spent five years volunteering for the Muddbunnies riding club board first as the Treasurer and then as the President, she now sits on the North Shore Mountain Bike Association as the Director of Youth and has been instrumental in helping to develop their new Youth Trail Maintenance program.   Jaclyn also leads rides for the Muddbunnies Riding Club and Bell Joyride. 


We proudly sponsor the following groups: